Upcoming events

May 18, 2014, Sunday
2014 L.A. Spring Scholastic Chess Championship
Site: Maple Park Community Center
820 East Maple Street Glendale, CA 91205
July 9-14, 2014

Past events

ACA's two missions

American Chess Academy provides an environment for kids to learn and play chess and does it by giving the highest level of instruction from their top level professional coaching staff.


ACA has two missions: To develop strong U.S. chess talent and to expose the game of chess to as many neighborhood children as possible.


Developing strong U.S. talent is vital as ACA strives to increase the talent pool for future national teams.

Exposing children to the game of chess will help kids do better in academics as they improve their decision making skills, pattern recognition skills, and even social skills.



Armen Ambartsoumian


Armen ambartsoumian has obtained the title of fide senior trainer